kate d timmerman


Containment, Michelle Nichols Dock, curator, Tempe Center for the Arts, 2007

"Kate Timmerman is a mixed media artist who through her artwork explores the physicality of materials (wax, pigment, wood, plaster, lead and steel) as it supports themes that are socially and personally transformative.
Through the transcultural nature and metaphorical resonance of her reflections on containment in this exhibition the viewer can approach art not as a problem or riddle to be solved, but as an experience to be explored and enjoyed."

Arcadia Artist Airs Grief over U.S.’s Place in World
, Roberta Burnett
The Arizona Republic, July 23, 2004

"The important work in this solo exhibit is Timmerman’s Portrait of the Artist as Collective Memory. Consider first that it’s life-size determined by the army cot that serves as a bed for a figure….The flag is laid like a blanket over a supine figure whose face is a life-cast plaster portrait of Timmerman, white as a death mask, with gray-stained, oversize eyes….Under the cot is a broken floor of large, thick hunks of concrete…she’s controlled meaning well enough here…My take on this artwork? The spirit of a committed democratic Liberty is in desperate straits…in other works Timmerman speaks to issues of trapped souls and trapped sins."

Gallery’s Two Exhibits Offer Sharp Contrast
, Ernest McIntyre
The Arizona Republic, July 14, 2004

"The award-winning artist is well known for mixed-media constructions that trigger thoughts and strong emotions. This exhibition is no exception, as proved by Timmerman’s representation of a large American flag that she calls American Dirge…. She constructed the work using only lead, black and white pigmented beeswax, and broken records…..
Timmerman creates art that asks the viewer to reflect upon the consequences to life and liberty by the nation’s entanglement in the Middle East.”

Unusual Suspects: Downtown Galleries Cater to Politicos, Benjamin Leatherman, Phoenix New Times, October, 2004

"There’s “Harvest” at eye lounge art space a more subtle look at politicking with Kate Timmerman’s Bless Me Father for I have Sinned, a sculpture of a bird nesting next to a large oar signifying society’s metaphorical journey across the river Styx."

At Peace in the Mix, Carrie Miner
Camelback Magazine, Oct/Nov 2004..

“Drawing from the philosophy of Jasper Johns, Timmerman embraces the belief that “meaning is fluid.” …Other images take different approaches in tearing down and re-examining preconceptions and prejudices. But it’s not just the piece that pulls viewers in. The titles also seduce with mystery and beauty… Box of Regrets, They Were Secretly In Love, In My Dreams I Am Always Lonely, Etruscan Myths…each with a distinct story of its own revolving around themes of alienation, mystery, betrayal, consequence, courage and mortality …And even though her pieces encompass many layers of life…religion, rage, human imperfections, love chaos…this artist leaves the interpretations in the eyes of the beholder.”

A Space Called Home, Melissa Castleman, Arizona Foothills Magazine, May 2003

"…you can glimpse three large, dark paintings by Timmerman whose work is mysterious, quiet and beautiful…
Her encaustic paintings and wooden sculptures have a handmade look, surfaces that glow and undulate asking to be touched…"

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Bookworm, 2009 Encaustic on panel;
10 x 8 inches (25.4 x 20.3 cm)